With over 40 years of combined leadership,

M Group Resources is a leader in executive search and human capital development and delivers concise results to our valued clients. Our Practice Areas are organized by successful industry professionals focused on your unique needs. Our clients trust we are a front-runner; relying on us to improve growth strategies and build dynamic teams with accomplished leaders.
Recruiting Model

M Group Resources is at the cutting edge of RPO, year after year. Our unique model has been created from executive experience, across multiple industries, and is only exceeded by the way our consultants are trained.

Career Board/Employment Search

Most professionals today are forced to leverage their experience every 3-5 years. Many of the Executives we place were and are simply keeping an ear open. M Group Resources offers discreet custom searches for Professionals. If you are ready to strategically and discreetly leverage your next move up, contact a consultant today.

Become a client

M Group Resources listens to your specific needs. We maintain the ability to design custom Agreements that replace the average Retainer Agreement most firms sell heavily. This agility enables us to overpromise and overperform each time.

Practice Areas

Fortune 100, 500 and Inc. 500 elite clients as well as publicly traded companies call on us to find the next generation of true leaders. In addition to these brackets, we have the network to match the right ambitious professionals with unique start-ups when required. RPO, for us, is about your bottom line and the overall growth proposition of your company!

About US.

M Group Resources is made up of an assiduous company culture and our team of highly experienced consultants with an individual, industry-respected approach to executive search and recruiting the best-in-class talent
We operate through unique industry practice groups.

The Key to getting our candidates from Intro to Hire is how we deliver our clients “employment brand". In today’s world, we understand that many candidates evaluate company brands the same way we all evaluate consumer brands when shopping.

To the same respect, candidates prepared correctly have a 35-40% better chance at landing that desired position when working with the right firm.

Smart companies respect that they are only as good as their work force from CEO to production and sales level. They prioritize to make sure their time is well invested because if business is not producing, it costs.

  • Discreetly target your most desired candidates.

  • Increase in productivity, sales go higher, growing margins, and rising profits.

  • Succinct results in as little as 5 days.

  • Technology driven, complimented by best in industry consultants.

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