We are proud to have been part of placing over 25 Key members in the Engineering industry alone in 2015. In house hiring in these industries has become troublesome for many companies, so do not worry if it has been a tough road until now.  M Group Resources Consultants are extremely vigilant, looking to find the next up and coming’s first, as well as sell your brand to the best accomplished professionals today.  We are experts at the design and deployment of your “employment brand”, attracting the best to you!  Our clients rely on our expertise to not only find the right talent, but to deliver their brand correctly, all while ensuring ambition is in line with expertise.  Our clients expect us to be efficient in our unsurpassed knowledge of the rapidly evolving globalization in their industry. M Group Resources has placed an extensive list of professionals including Senior-level Executives (CEO, COO, CFO, CIO), General Management, Plant Management, Production Management, Human Resources, Financial, Accounting, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, Engineering, Technical, Sales, Design, Marketing, Process Improvement, and Quality/Six Sigma, Project Management, Maintenance Management, Packaging Engineering, Creative and Client Service.

M Group Resources understands the dynamic demands of globalization, technology, mobility, and innovation are putting on our clients’ people, manufacturing, supply chains, operations, energy costs, and the struggle for growth and relevance.