Industry Leading Recruiting Model

Passionate Staffing Partners. Powerful Resources. Proven Results.

The Key to get our candidates from Intro to hire is your “employment brand”.  In today’s world, we understand that many candidates evaluate company brands the same way you evaluate consumer brands when shopping. To the same respect, candidates prepared correctly have a 35-40% better chance at landing that desired position when working with the right firm.  Smart companies respect that they are only as good as their work force from CEO to production and sales level.  They prioritize to make sure their time is well invested as every day in business costs.


There are a few main factors that are directly related to the success of your organizations vision, the dynamics of The Board: do they share the same focus, and do the compositions or the mix of personalities work together.

As your partner and RPO provider we excel at providing organizations with more than just a recruiting process. We help meet business strategies by understanding the economy, global trends and the forces that drive them.  The in-depth industry knowledge our clients receive with M Group Resources makes us a crucial part in their success.  We also leverage data from numerous sources to ensure best decision outcomes.


Our model:

Our broad network of industry contacts and proven assessment methods for precise cultural fit allows us to produce SURPRISING RESULTS in ONLY 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS.

We are extremely agile and move quickly on opportunity, which in turn provides our clients with better and faster results. We pride ourselves on being highly professional — but with the advantage of a flexible operational environment.  This assiduous company culture encouraged at M Group Resources produces the best – in-class talent, as our Executive Staffing Partners come from the individual fields we work within and maintain an expert knowledge of them.