Leading Candidates


M Group Resources maintains a powerful network of both leading candidates and companies.  Being one of our leading candidates will have an incredible impact on your career as we weed through companies with high turnover rates and unstable track records.  Acquisitions and mergers are carefully monitored by our team so you can be sure to receive the best opportunities for career advancement.

The Key to getting you what you want is understanding the “employment brand” of the target companies you want to work for.  Also, a clear direction to be able to strategically place you in your desired seat.  We understand that when attempting to leverage your career, you will evaluate company brands the same way you evaluate consumer brands when shopping. To the same respect, candidates prepared correctly have a 35-40% better chance at landing that desired position when working with the right firm.


Contracting for specific positions only, may leave you stranded and at a large loss when the need for the right Executive or staff member become urgent.  We excel above the rest using our meticulous search methodology and our “old fashioned” hard work “ethic”.

In today’s fast paced professional environment, having consistent access to industry top professionals, with impressive track records is a must.  In house recruiting teams are a very large expense and may result in less attractive candidates.  Their efficiency is multiplied when mixed with the right RPO firm. Start today by receiving unique candidates for the most urgent of possibilities. Once retained, M Group Resources substantially reduces our placement fee for each candidate hired within the Agreement terms.  Contact us today at recruiting@mgroupresources.com for your individual retainer Agreement assessment.