Market Research



M Group Resources has placed dozens of Key Performing Executives and VP’s alike with experience in Syndicated, Custom and a Hybrid of both across many of the leading companies in this unique vertical.  With so many mergers and acquisitions we know the ups and downs of many of the players in this industry and we use that to help our clients get the leaders they want.  Several “Start Up” and mid-size companies have requested the services of M Group Resources to deliver their employment brand to place the right adventurous personalities and thus have seen a significant increase in company revenue and operations success.  Roles we have placed include but are not limited to: Senior Executive Insights and Consumer Research, Director of Bus. Dev., VP General Counsel, Global Marketing and Communications Director, Senior VP, VP Bus. Dev., VP Client Dev., SVP Intelligence Solutions, VP Growth and Strategy, VP Client Service, VP Sales Operations, Researcher, (Global)Account Manager, CTO, CEO, COO and Executive VP.